Cruise Ship Visitors

Dive Dominica welcomes all cruise ship passengers to join us for whale watching, diving and snorkeling. However, please book your tours directly with your cruise line.  Dive Dominica is not able to offer you reservations directly.

If you are sailing with one of the following cruise lines, be sure to check the itinerary for a chance to book our Whale and Dolphin Safari trip, dive excursion or snorkeling tour. If you don't see it offered, ask your cruise director for assistance.

  • AIDA Cruises: Germany
  • TUI Cruises: Germany
  • Carnival Cruises: US
  • Celebrity Cruises: US
  • Princess Cruises: US
  • Royal Caribbean: US
  • P & O Cruise Line: UK

Enjoy Our Whale and Dolphin Safari

Dolphin & Whale Excursion with Dive Dominica from Roger Roth.

Dominica is home to the Sperm Whale, as well as many different species of dolphins, to include, Spinner Dolphins, Pan-tropical & Fraser, among others. This water safari gives passengers the opportunity to assist our crew in finding these amazing marine mammals, by use of a directional hydrophone. Our experienced crew will share information on their feeding, sleeping, logging habits & etc. as well as information on Dominica’s picturesque coastline.

You’ll cruise approximately 3 to 8 miles offshore to begin your search. At intervals, the boat will stop and a directional hydrophone will be placed in the water.

During the cruise, the crew will give you commentary on the whales, dolphins and other wildlife that you may see. If they are present, you’ll hear the rhythmic clicking of the Sperm Whales. Please bear in mind that the minimum distance for approaching whales is around 160 feet and so the Captain will maneuver the boat so that you can get good views and possibly some fabulous photos.

The deep waters surrounding Dominica are a natural breeding ground for the Sperm Whale, as well as several species of dolphins. The most commonly seen species are Sperm, Pilot and False Killer Whales, as well as Spotted, Spinner and Pan-tropical Dolphins.

Complimentary fruit juices and rum punch will be served on the return journey. The tour duration is 3 to 3 1/2 hours long.

These are animals in their natural habitat. Whilst every effort will be made to find them, sightings cannot be guaranteed, though we do find them on average of 75% of the time.

To Prepare: If you are prone to seasickness, please take the necessary precautions. The crew will follow the International Fund for Animal Welfare Code of Conduct when operating this tour. This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 4. Passengers are advised to take a camera, binoculars and plenty of sun protection. Passengers must be able to negotiate the large step onto and off the boat.